Ford Ecosport Concept Suv Spy Photos

 The concept of Ford Ecosport was unveiled at New Delhi in January. The production version will not be long to appear, and completed his final preparations in Brazil. Not much change ...
The first generation of Ecosport was similar to the proposed Ford Fusion in Europe. It was proposed mainly in South America. The winds of globalization blowing across the Ford range now pushes to become a global model. But still strongly rooted in Brazil where it was designed.
Sign of globalization, the concept, or rather the show car was unveiled in New Delhi, and the production version is expected to arrive in Beijing. However, it is Brazil that he ended his preparations, and particularly its crash tests. The opportunity to discover without any camouflage. And to note the proximity to the model exposed in India. Rims and interior design of optical mark some differences, while the chrome pass an aluminum color ...
The arrival of Ecosport has not yet been confirmed in Europe.

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