Losing One of Your Back Wheels

You might think that losing one of your car’s wheels will not happen to you. The possibility to lose one of your tyres is pretty high if your bolts are not locked into place.
What Can Happen
You do not have to panic if you lose your back wheels while driving. There will be a loud noise coming from the back of the car due to the sheer metal hitting the road. Keep your calm or you will not be able to regain control.
The front of the car will go in the same direction as the back wheel that has fallen. This means that your car will go left if you have lost the back wheel from the left side or it will go right if you are missing the back wheel for the right side.
In order to gain control of your car, do not suddenly push on the brakes. This will only make the car skid more. You must steer the wheel in the same direction that the car is skidding. This way you will be able to take control again.
What to Do In Order To Avoid Problems
If you have a flat tyre, you should be certain that the wheel is locked in place. If you have a bolt missing, you should not pretend there is nothing wrong with your car. If there is no way for you to buy another bolt due to the long distance to an auto store and you must drive, adjust your speed.
If you have a loose bolt and you feel like your driving on a bumpy road, you should slow down until it does not feel this way anymore.
After you reach a town, find a specialist in order to avoid further complications. If it is late, it might be a good idea to stay in for the night and only leave in the morning after you have repaired the car.

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