The Peugeot prepares an anti-Juke - Urban Crossover Concept Beijing 2012

 The prototype was presented at the Beijing Motor Show in early autumn and you'll know exactly how and in what way the Peugeot is planning to respond to the proposal. The car was really, really small, with a length of 4.14 meters and a width of 1.74 meters. The setting is a small SUV, or else by a multipurpose vehicle. It was very nice interior space, with roominess not uncommon for vehicles in this category. The style is very modern but not daring as you might expect from a concept sometimes, with nose aligned with the latest layout design of the house, especially the sides and rear of imprint almost futuristic. The style is the work of the joint work of three design centers of Peugeot in Paris, Shanghai and Sao Paulo.

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