The autoLYZER Facebook App developed by AutoTRADER

Having test driven countless of automobiles over the course of your lifetime, you undoubtedly have a favourite ride or two. Whether daydreaming about the smooth handling of the [X VEHICLE] or the sexy design and smooth lines of the [X VEHICLE], I know I've had a few. But have you ever wondered if that memorable ride is a reflection of your personality?  

Findings from a new study – The CarCourting Report – show that although choosing a car might seem like a wholly rational decision, emotional and even social implications play a major influence on Canadian car buyers.

More than one in three Canadians (36 percent), including almost 40 percent of women and close to 50 percent of young Canadians under 35 report driving a sexy car makes them feel more attractive. 41 percent believe people should drive cars that match their personality. This figure jumps to 47 percent among young Canadians under 35 years of age for whom image is clearly a more important consideration. One in five Canadians even go as far as agreeing that people should drive cars that match their appearance.

To help Canadians find their perfect vehicular match, developed a unique Facebook application that provides car-buying options based on a user’s personality traits and social profile.  Dubbed the autoLYZER, the application is quick and easy to use, and offers potential buyers threelive listings.  The app analyzes real-time data via Facebook, looking at an individual’s lifestyle, interests, social activities, and Facebook friends’ opinions via existing posts, to help narrow down which cars would be the best fit for him or her personally. All in a matter of seconds.

What does your Facebook personality say about what car you should be riding? Find out with the autoLYZER and share your results!

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