The autoLYZER – Not your average Facebook application

Have you ever wondered what kind of car you should by? Check out the autoLyzer, a Facebook App developed by DDB for  It works by analyzing your Facebook profile (including Likes, Friends, City, Age and a number of other factors) to determine the perfect car available on the website for you.

In the market for a new or used vehicle?  Can’t decide between the practical sedan or sporty coupe you’ve been lusting after?  The new autoLYZER can help!  The autoLYZER goes beyond finding your perfect vehicular match to showcasing your perfect ride on

What is the autoLYZER?

·      The autoLYZER is a Facebook application that matches users to cars listed on based on their personal profile

·      Utilizing the live data such as photos, likes, marital status and education, the autoLYZER aggregates information to create a personality imprint which is then compared to various vehicle personalities

·      Personality imprints include: sports fan, outdoorsman/woman, techy, pop culture, cultured high-brow, family man/woman, luxury consumer and politically active

·      Once the data is collected, the autoLYZER provides the user with three real-time car matches on which best suit the personality of each user

How does the autoLYZER work?

·      The autoLYZER uses ‘Facebook Open Graph’ to pull data from more than 150 different interest and demographic categories that appear on Facebook profiles, including:
·      Music/Books
·      Food/ Travel
·      Television/Movies
·      Special interest groups/Organizations/Causes

·      Leveraging more than 500 vehicle models and over 50 manufacturers, the application then ‘matches’ users with cars by grouping the individual’s related interests with car categoriesidentified by the autoLYZER

      ·      The car categories include but are not limited to:
·      Stylish/Macho
·      Status seeking/Environmentally-friendly
·      Reliable/Cheeky
·      Active/Rugged

·      The personality profiles are then weighted against each vehicle category, resulting in custom car listingsthat reflect the profile of each user

·      For example:  A 40 year-old female on Facebook with interests in sports, nature, movies and travel might create an active/outdoorsy/adventurous profile, prompting car personality matches to manufacturers such as Subaru, Jeep or Ford vehicles
 Try the app for yourself on the autoTRADER Canada Facebook page, and let me know which cars it chose for you.

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