Dream Yuga - Honda launched the sale of the new supercheap bike for the Indian

The machine is called Dream Yuga has an engine capacity of 110 cubic centimeters and is sold for just 44,642 rupees (or 638 euros).

This is the cheapest bike in the entire line of Honda. Was designed specifically for the Indian market and is only sold on it.
 How realistic are these plans, yet hard to say. For comparison, that the best-selling "Honda" on the British market last year was a model of the CBF125, and these bikes were sold 2275 units. However, compare the market to the UK market in India, of course, is not entirely correct.
 Of course, the cheaper the price of the bike in a good configuration aypeda anything special we should not wait. Max Power - 8.5 hp at 7500 rev. / min. Carburetor (no injection). Kick-starter. Drum brakes. And only four transmission. But this is a small kit, and adjustable rear shock. And for some extra rupees you can add alloy wheels and even the electric starter.

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