2013 SRT Viper, prices in the USA

 In the USA, it will cost at least in theory the sum of 99,390 dollars for the evil Viper SRT 2013, a price which includes 1995 dollars in shipping. For the GTS, it will sign a bigger check to 122,390 dollars. However, I do not speak of the various sales tax by state, it lacks an element for the final list price.
It will undoubtedly add a surcharge for vehicles greedy these figures. It is not yet known because the EPA has not yet measured the energy consumption of the beast.
The car therefore exceed the $ 100K entry level and even if you draw largely in the catalog of options to offer you a powerful audio system, carbon fiber keys or a set infotainment most successful.
The Viper remains more financially attractive than its direct rival Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 which starts at 113,575 dollars, fees and surcharges for delivery vehicles gourmands  included.
Only 15 to 20% of the supercar sell concessions for two reasons: they have to pay an entrance fee of $ 25 000  and specific training.
2000 Viper will be produced per year.

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