Ford will unveil the F-150 Concept at Detroit 2013

Ford will present F-150 Concept at Detroit's report in January according to Reuters. The prototype will show how it will look like the new model which will be cheaper than the current. As part of a nearly $ 2 billion, with a brand new Ford F-150 is expected to offer the best fuel economy in its class.
He will do so by reducing weight, the result of extensive use of lightweight materials such as aluminum, but also using the new "low" capacity, efficient EcoBoost engines, automatic gearboxes 8 relations and use hybrid technology in partnership with Toyota. All this to keep the Ford and the F-150 on top of sales, where it is the combination of the last 30 years.
In related news, the Ford Performance Vehicles closed the factory, with Ford to buy the share of Prodrive, and is now the sole owner. The motors of FPV models will now manufactured at the Ford plant in Geelong, while the cars will be assembled at the factory Campbellfield.

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