Honda's Best Car TV commercials of all time

The British Auto Express has prepared a poll which asked its readers to vote for the best TV advertising car of all time, by selecting one of the 20 proposed by Auto Express.
Winner, with 31%, was advertising "The Cog" Honda's Accord Tourer for 2003. In second place the advertisement Ford Puma starring Steve McQueen and third place "The Sculptor" for the Peugeot 206. Individual list was as follows:

Top 20:
Honda Accord: The Cog
Ford Puma: Steve McQueen
Peugeot 206: The Sculptor
Citroen C4: Transformers
Volkswagen Golf GTI: Changes
Volkswagen Passat: The Force
Skoda Fabia: A piece of cake
Renault Clio: Nicole and Papa
Fiat Strada: Hand built by robots
Volkswagen Golf GTI: Singing in the rain
Toyota GT 86: The real deal
Peugeot 405: Take my breath away
Vauxhall Meriva and Zafira: Little dads
Land Rover: Discovery 4
Audi A4: Not my style
Volkswagen Golf: Best left alone
  Vauxhall Astra: Babies
Skoda Fabia: Factory tour
Nissan Almera: Sweeney
Toyota Corolla: A car to be proud of

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