Lancia began selling Ecochic the Ypsilon 2013

Lancia began selling Ecochic the Ypsilon which once 900 TwinAir twin-cylinder engine which can consume both petrol and methane CNG. The engine consumes gasoline yields when 85 horses with 145 Nm torque and 80 horses with 140 Nm torque when consuming CNG. With both fuels 0-100 km / h makes in 13.1 seconds with a top speed of 169 km / h in the first case and 167 km / h in second.
The Ypsilon, the engine has an average fuel consumption 3.1 kg CNG/100 km, emitting 86 g / km. The autonomy of more than 1,300 km since it has two tanks, one 40-liter petrol and a 12 kg CNG. Italy starts from 16,500 euros.

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