Official teaser photos of Ferrari F70 2013

Ferrari gave some more official teaser images of F70 through its official journal. One shows the front of which we have already seen, while the other shows the back which borrows enough from that of the F12, the roof has a double-bubble design.
The replacement of the Enzo has codenamed F150 and will make world debut in the spring of 2013, probably at the Geneva in March 2013.
The body is made of carbon and aluminum and the weight is expected to vary at 1,134 kg, 200 + less, of the 1,365 Enzo. Stylistically will borrow elements of the original Millechili technical concept that was presented by Ferrari in 2007.
The carbon monocoque chassis we saw in Paris and learned everything about it. It weighs close to 70 pounds, 20% less than it weighs Enzo chassis with torsional rigidity has increased by 27%, while the overall stiffness by 22%.
Engineering will once V12 6,3-liter engine F12berlinetta which has been upgraded and delivers 750 horses. Collaborates with system HY-KERS, which is derived from Formula 1 and delivers 74 kW (100 horses) with 270 Nm of torque.
The hypercar will be unable to move or measure only the motor, but because the use of the HY-KERS 0-100 km / h are expected to do it in less than 2.5 seconds with a top speed exceeding 408 km / hour.

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