2015 MINI Citysurfer Concept - The Scooter that Has Brake Energy Regeneration

The company introduced the MINI scooter concept called Cityserfer. According to the manufacturer, the prototype is a collection maneuverable scooter and electric scooters.

The power plant includes Cityserfer gearless electric motor located in the rear wheel, and a set of lithium-ion batteries. Charging the battery can be done via a 12-volt vehicle power or household outlet. Furthermore, the scooter is a system energy recovery during braking.

The electric motor is switched on only when a "certain minimum speed when the driver's physical effort." Accelerator control is performed by a small toggle switch located under the thumb. During the shutdown of the unit meets the button on the handle of the brake.

The maximum speed of the electric MINI Cityserfer is 25 kilometers per hour, and fully charged battery will last for 15-25 kilometers. The manufacturer also notes that when the electric motor is deactivated, nothing will prevent travel as an ordinary scooter, pushing his foot.

Weight scooter is 18 kilograms. It can be folded, placed in the boot of a hatchback MINI. According to the British brand, Cityserfer suitable for trips to school and work, as well as for sightseeing or shopping. Provided on the steering wheel mount for smartphone with the ability to recharge, which can be used as a navigator.

On the prospects of serial production Cityserfer, MINI company has not yet reported.

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