2015 New Volkswagen Golf Mk8 tech secrets revealed

It’s the same size as the current seven-speed DSG and will fit easily into the VW Group’s MQB platform – which underpins everything from the Audi TT to the posh new Passat. The 10-speed will also put less stress on the engine, thus improving CO2 emissions and reducing fuel use.

Sources told us that the box, which is designed for peak torque of 550Nm, will make its way into the Golf Mk8 GTI, GTD and R, while the seven-speed will be offered further down the range. VW also revealed that a more potent version of the 2.0-litre BiTDI diesel engine, recently revealed in the new Passat, could be destined for the next Golf GTD.

Keeping the green trend, VW is currently investigating the possibility of adding ‘Mild Hybrids’ to its small-engined petrol Golfs. If the tech gets the green light, it will appear in the Mk8.

Meanwhile, the e-Golf is set to appear in the new line-up, too, with a 25 per cent improvement in range. This could arrive soon after the Mk8’s launch. With its raft of green technology – revealed in our gallery – the new Golf will be crucial in helping the VW Group in its bid to become the world’s most sustainable manufacturer by 2018.


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