The Toyota Sienna face puts SpongeBob in Los Angeles 2014

Toyota has teamed up with Nickelodeon channel in order to create a custom theme concept Sienna SpongeBob, which was presented at the Auto Show in Los Angeles.
The new version of Sienna combines colors like blue and yellow. In addition to the windshield appeared massive face Sponge Bob, which covers the entire review. The concept also manned mask "Superhero Incredibubble", which creates real bubbles.
Custom style can be seen in the cabin. In particular, multi-colored seats and steering wheel. The ceiling is painted in the blue color of the sky, and the floor is reminiscent of sand.
According to the vice-president of marketing concern Toyota Jack Hollis, the new car has been designed for those who like to travel with my family. In the car can accommodate up to 8 people.
After his debut in Los Angeles, the novelty will participate in a promotional tour "Movie SpongeBob: SpongeBob out of the water."

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