2015 2016 Yamaha MT-09 Tracer: extended range of applications

Little envious should already be the competition: The MT series is Yamaha has pushed shortly before the crash within a year far forward in the registration statistics - the 07 currently number 3, closely followed by the 09 With Moto Cage, Sports Tracker and Street Rally has already hung subtle derivatives of its two best-selling Yamaha. With the MT-09 tracer now is the first time a model variant on the market, which one can not tell the same relationship at first glance. It offers more value and comfort, without neglecting the virtues of the basic model.

The substructure of the tracer is identical to that of bare MT-09, only the rear end 13 came inches longer and has been strengthened. The reason: The new addition to the family is designed as Tourer (for which we also T in the model name suggests) and is therefore also to the pillion and luggage capacity to serve. It was on this orientation, the other ingredients are based. The large tank holds four liters more and to enable ranges of over 300 kilometers. The standard wheel can be adjusted without tools in three stages, driver and passenger seat were made wider and thicker. The sister naked in the rather sparse cockpit gives way to the instrument panel of the Super Ténéré, and with a center stand as standard, as holders for the panniers from the original accessories. The handguards are continuing the shape of the front cover and protect, like the wheel well from the weather. Come forward dual LED headlights with headlight range control as standard.

The seating position before the slightly higher and four and a half inches wider handlebar is comfortable upright in a relaxed knee angle. The driver sits on the tracer four and a half inches higher, with the cushion can be lowered even 15 millimeters. For all those that were not enough, Yamaha offers a complete lowering kit, to the measure of the standard model supports the seat height (815 mm). Really necessary should the but probably only really small people, because thanks to the balanced weight distribution of 49 to 51 percent can the MT-09 tracer not only while driving, but also in the state quarrels good.

For the dynamic component of the tracer is the best power to weight ratio in the competitive environment. On the engine itself, the engineers laid no hand, which would also wonder heard the lively three-cylinder engine with 85 kW / 115 hp but just the great strengths of the MT-09th But since the sport bike has a reputation, but to be one or the other a little too snappy, Yamaha has designed the mapping for the tour version somewhat meek. Nevertheless, even the tracer pilot on the three driving modes B, Standard and A may rely. The first setting is recommended with her soft and smooth power delivery for the cozy strolling and sightseeing on the holiday trip without the driver would have to be on guard against heavy load changes constantly. In standard mode, the tracer is then noticeably livelier, then resharpen the claws again in the dynamic class A operation. Since the Triple tingles felt in the hand grips and foot pegs and rattles it even once in the rev range.

The MT-09 tracer is well balanced and can therefore be very straightforward and accurately conduct. The traction control (switchable) and the ABS work wonderfully unobtrusive and intervene early. Some unrest in the stern bring on bad asphalt but every now and then the rear tires with light, which is primarily focused on long-distance comfort. For the tracer runs at high speeds on the highway stoically ahead. However, anyone who travels frequently longer distances, which should take into consideration the comfort seat. The brand also is not alone.

With the tracer Yamaha has once again demonstrated a knack and extends the range of his fascinating sport bike segment and European market leader. As of March 2015, the fans of the MT-09 is therefore likely to receive further feed, for whom the model was far too toxic or naked, now hardly an excuse. (ampnet / jri)

Data Yamaha MT-09 tracer

Engine: 3-cylinder four-stroke, 847 cc, liquid cooled
Power: 85 kW / 115 hp at 10 000 rev / min
Max. Torque: 87.5 Nm at 8500 rev / min
Top speed: over 200 km / h
Transmission: six courses
Drive: Chain
Fuel tank capacity: 18 liters
Seat height: 860/845 mm
Empty weight 210 kg (ready to ride
Tires: 120/70 ZR 17 (front), 180/55 ZR 17 (rear)
Price: 9595 €

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