Volkswagen made hybrid Passat GTE for police 2015

Volkswagen has unveiled a hybrid wagon Passat GTE, designed for the needs of the police. Representatives of the German manufacturer explained that such transport is needed in specific ecological zones.

For example, such a machine is suitable police of the German island of Helgoland, where the use of any vehicle, including bicycles. An exception is made only for special services, which have a small diesel fleet.

Passat GTE public premiere was held in September at the Paris Motor Show. The structure of the power plant of the car entered the 1.4-liter gasoline turbo engine capacity of 156 forces, 114-hp electric motor, a set of lithium-ion batteries and a six-step "robot" with two clutches. The total output was 218 units of horsepower.

Officially declared range - up to thousands of kilometers with a fully fueled 50-liter tank and charged batteries. Mains voltage of 240 volts batteries are charged in 4 hours 15 minutes and from the mains voltage of 360 volts - two and a half hours.

Sales of hybrid "Passat" will begin in the second half of 2015

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