BMW M9 coupe

Those of you surely remember the BMW M1 supercar because this idea of a luxury coupe built by BMW Agreement. It might be a real center-engine of the new generation of the BMW M1, in response to Audi R8 instead of a large cut on rival Mercs CL.
But do not hesitate, because there are new rumors about a model M7 down the aisle. If Bayern want a big sports sedan, why not a big sports coupe, the wonderful exclusive new BMW M6? Well, that's what want young Romanian designer Razvan Radion with this very interesting BMW M9.
As you can see BMW M9 is a matter of style and luxury sportiness, but somehow the designers, most of the things that tell you to keep on all sides, it is a true right before your eyes BMW.




BMW has gradually expanded its range in recent years, although SUV roll up as possible. While this is fine when it comes to the Bank is, M enthusiasts performance division still play most sports cars instead of M-badged SUV are seen. Maybe that's why the design created Radion it sees potential could look M9 cut performance. Its front design significantly with the BMW kidney grille complemented by LED headlamps.

Technical specifications

Top speed 350 km/h, 217 mph
Engine power & torque 550 hp, 404 kW

0-100 km/h, 0-62 mph. 3.4 seconds

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