Ferrari 488 GTB

Technical Specifications


Type V8 – 90° Turbo
Overall displacement 3902 cm3
Maximum power * 492 kW (670 CV) at 8000 rpm
Maximum torque * 760 Nm at 3000 rpm in VII gear


Length 4568 mm
Width 1952 mm
Height 1213 mm
Dry weight** 1370 kg
Weight distribution 46.5% Front – 53.5% Rear


0-100 km/h 3.0 s
0 -200 km/h 8.3 s
Maximum speed > 330 km/h


11.4 l/100 km


260 g/km

* With 98 RON petrol
**With lightweight options

*** ECE+EUDC combined cycle with HELE system


New 3902 cc turbo V8 Ferrari 488 GTB is at the top of the class for time output power, torque and response, so is the new benchmark for this type of architecture. The motor releases 670 horsepower at 8000 rpm, with 760 Nm of torque seventh speed and the response time of the accelerator only 0.8 seconds at 2000 rpm. These figures are sufficient to allow the 488 GTB to accelerate from 0 to 200 km / h in 8.3 seconds and a stunning when combined with radical innovations in all aspects of the performance of the car, polishing the Fiorano track in only 1'23 ".

The gearbox has variable torque management unleashes massive torque of the engine smoothly and powerfully throughout the rev range, while the specific transmission ratios provide incredibly smooth acceleration when the driver floors the accelerator. As is always the case, engineers have devoted much attention to the improvement of Ferrari 488 GTB sound, creating a new soundtrack that is complete, clear and totally distinctive, as expected of a horse engine prancing.

Exterior Design

Designed by the Centro Stile Ferrari, the new car has very flanks which are the key to its sculpted figure. Its large scallops air intake signature is a nod to the original 308 GTB and is divided into two sections by a divider. The front wing has a double wide profile to improve the thermal efficiency of the radiators on the sides. By means of two pillars are combined with a deflector channelling the air into the flat bottom. The wide, low tail is also dominated by aerodynamic solutions, including innovative blown spoiler that generates support without increasing drag. This works in conjunction with a ramp angle fins aggressive broadcaster of assets. Most desired height of the diffuser is achieved by repositioning of the exhaust pipes. The circular LED tail-lights have been redesigned.

Interior Design

In the cabin, the seamless integration of new satellite monitoring of clusters, angled vents and dashboard accentuates the sense that the car is fully adapted around the conductor. Ergonomics is the key word in the design, resulting in a sporting environment that does not compromise comfort. There are many classic elements of style Ferrari too, as the clear separation between the dashboard and tunnel, the multifunction steering wheel, the bridge control switch and bucket seats. The graphics and interface screen infotainment also been completely redesigned, while the design of the new key 488 GTO Ferrari is inspired by the rows of cylinders in the car and we'll start without a key.

Vehicle Dynamics

The Ferrari 488 GTB electronic controls and subsystems make their power and performance available and controllable. It is, in fact, more sensitive to the production model, with comparable to a track of cars very sharp response time.

The slip angle advanced control system Ferrari (Side Slip Control 2 - SSC2) version is more accurate and less invasive, offering a higher longitudinal acceleration out of corners. In addition to integration with F1-Trac and E-Diff car, SSC2 now also controls the active dampers that make the dynamic behaviour of the car during even flatter and more stable complex manoeuvres.

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