Rolls Royce - Ghost Series II

To carry Santo is the order. No commitment, never ordinary, every detail is designed specifically to give full control of the road. But power is nothing without intelligence. Innovative engineering makes driving effortless so that they can forge a graceful way through a changing world.

ghost II

A New Sense of Purpose

The twin-turbo
6.6 litre
V12 engine takes Ghost from 0-62 mph in a mere 4.9 seconds.
This pure power is now beautifully accented by a wake, which elegantly tapers behind the Spirit of Ecstasy.

So you can effortlessly surge through the world, following in her path.

A Precise Power

The new design at the front of Ghost Series II suggests immediate power under the hood. LED lights have a modern immediately recognizable, which is framed by continuous daytime. This powerful look is further accentuated with the bumper subtle sculpture, while the chrome finish on the grid below to create a contemporary atmosphere.

The Perfect Compliment

New 21" wheels are available making a bold
Powerful statement
You can choose from five different wheel designs with two different finishes
Each with its own special character

Each wheel has unique self-righting wheel centres still display correctly monogram Rolls-Royce and the two classics: a proportion of the wheel to the height of the body is the key to Rolls-Royce DNA....

Effortless Technology 

When It Comes to Innovation, Simplicity is the key. With The Spirit of Ecstasy Rotary Controller You can access this directorates, internet or music and lyrics, EVEN scribe on the touch screen with a simple swipe of your finger. Flower enter Navigation instructions or accessing this Contacts, just using your voice.

A Clear Vision 

A discrete infrared camera on the grill detects body heat of pedestrians and animals up to 300 meters. Its thermal image is displayed on the Control Center screen, giving you time to safely pass. Thank you to the high resolution of 1025 "screen, you can enjoy a clear picture on Multimedia Interface. Every detail has been considered to navigation City View 3D, giving it a realistic interpretation of streets and buildings.

Anticipate what Lie Ahead is  

Technology assisted GPS uses satellite data associated with the navigation system for scanning the road. And the controller reacts to automatically select the correct speed in the transmission power given eight-speed smoothly without unnecessary gear changes. So you can sweep around each button and speed in every corner....

Ghost Series II SWB

Ghost Series II SWB

Ghost Series II SWB

Ghost Series II SWB

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