ETS Nissan GT-R Smashes 1/4 Mile World Record With 7.49s Run

There's nothing better in the world of straight line time trials, than setting a new 1/4 mile record. And yes, the culprit is naturally a Nissan GT-R.

Until now, the 1/4 mile World Record belonged to the 2,000 HP AMS Alpha Omega which ran a monster 7.7 seconds at 186 mph (300km/h), which by the way, still holds the 1/2 mile record to this day.

But it's time for it to step aside and let this other amazing GT-R have it's "7 seconds of fame" thanks to all the work those guys over at ETS (Extreme Turbo Systems) put in.

The ETS GT-R nailed a 7.49s run at 189 mph (304.3 km/h) during the TX2k15 event, which not just tops the AMS GT-R's time, it downright obliterates it.

When it comes to 1/4 mile runs, even a thousandths of a second can mean the world to you. Of course, when we're already talking tenths, not hundredths of a second, you've already been decimated on the strip.

Now, let just wait and see what the Alpha Omega GT-R has to say about this.

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