Meet The All-New 310PS Honda Civic Type R

Honda revealed at last its all-new weapon, the Civic Type R, featuring for the first time a turbocharged 2-litre VTEC engine.

Under the bonnet we find the newly developed 2-litre VTEC turbocharged engine, making 310PS (306hp) at 6500rpm and 400Nm (295lb ft) of torque at 2500rpm. Zero to 62mph (0-100km/h) comes in 5.7sec with a best-in-class top speed of 167mph (270km/h). The rev-limiter is set at 7000rpm.

Honda has equipped the Civic Type R with a trick front suspension dubbed “Dual Axis Strut” and a limited-slip differential. Based on a McPherson setup, the Dual Axis Strut has an additional steering knuckle in order to reduce torque steer by up to 50% compared to a standard Civic, claims Honda. The dampers are now adaptive and the electric steering is specially tuned for the Type R.

The hottest of the Civics features for the first time a “+R” driving mode. By pressing a button, you get a more aggressive torque delivery, increased engine response, stiffer dampers by 30% and reduced assistance on the steering.

The 19in wheels are housing specific for the Type R Brembo brakes, measuring 350mm at the front, with four-piston calipers.

Honda has tuned the Civic Type R in places like Suzuka and Nurburgring race tracks, with Honda chasing the record for the fastest front wheel drive car to lap the latter, which means beating the Renault Megane RS 275 Trophy R’s 7:54 time.

The most hardcore Civic of them all wants the FWD crown of its segment and judging by looks alone, it looks angry enough. The new Type R wears a very aggressive body kit that is designed not only to make the car look meaner but also to increase downforce. The almost flat underside aids the big rear diffuser in increasing the grip while the large fixed wing has been shaped to provide usable downforce without creating too much drag. It makes us sad though they sacrificed the evil taillights of the concept.

Honda will reveal tomorrow at its official press conference if the new Civic Type R has broken the Nurburgring’s record or not, but something tells us that we have a new king.


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