Morgan Reveals Heavily Updated Aero 8 in Geneva

While the Morgan Aero 8 you see before you in these photos may look strikingly similar to what you already know, it actually isn’t and it comes with plenty of changes and improvements over its predecessor. It promises better comfort, handling, practicality, technology and luxury than ever before.

The car was just revealed at the Geneva motor show with a whole host of changes over its predecessor. Yes, the front fascia, bonnet and wings are pretty much identical from what we can tell, but from the doors back, it’s actually completely new.

Also all-new is the suspension system. It used to be of the inboard variety but for the latest Aero 8 it has been swapped out for a more conventional double wishbone independent setup on all four corners. This is said to have a number of advantages for comfort (particularly at low speeds), road holding and handling.

The engine is the same 4.8-lite BMW-sourced V8, a unit that will be kept mechanically the same but with uprated software to extract a few extra ponies and torques.

The new Aero 8 comes with a folding soft top that (for the first time in a Morgan) stows away behind the seats, as well as a detachable hardtop that looks really sexy and curvy – it’s what all detachable hardtops should look like, although this one may just fit this very curvy, retro car and not anything more modern-looking.

Morgan also says this latest Aero will also be better built than any Morgan before it, it will offer improved refinement and it’s also lighter than before, tipping the scale at just over a ton.

The expected production run won’t go beyond the 300-ish mark, and they plan to sell the model for around two years; it commences in October.

Edit: Added Exclusive First Look video by XCar below

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