U.S.-Only: 2015 Mercedes G550 Night Star Edition

Mercedes G550 Night Star 0 600x404 at U.S. Only: 2015 Mercedes G550 Night Star Edition
Limited edition, special Mercedes-Benz models with cool names like “Night” and “Star” used to be reserved only for the Far East markets. But now the company has launched the Mercedes G550 Night Star Edition in America and they are making up to 100 copies of it.
People willing pay extra for a G-Wagen usually get the high-performance G63 AMG version. So at first, Mercedes G550 Night Star Edition seems like it is missing the point completely. But Mercedes knows there are people who don’t really care about performance as much as the looks. That is why they have based on the Night Star on the G550 model, and focused on pimping the car out inside and out.
And pimped G550 Night Star truly is! On the outside the limited edition SUV comes with a nice two-ton paint job consisting of Mystic White and Designo Black, complemented with a set of 18-inch gloss black wheels. A custom front guard and a white spare wheel cover are also included in the package.
Inside the cabin, Mercedes G550 Night Star features Porcelain nappa leather, red stitching, designo black Dinamica headliner, and a cool # of 100 special edition plaque. It is up to you to decide if the extras you get with this model are worth the near as makes no difference $130,000 USD price tag.

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