You Can Now Buy A Brand-New Classic Mustang Packed with Modern Tech

Revology Cars got their hands on a classic Mustang and stuffed it with modern internals, offering a retromodded version of the universally loved Ford.

Much like what Singer does to 964s, Revology hand-builds the 1964½-1966 Mustang using modern hardware under the skin, including a 5.0-litre 265hp fuel-injected V8, McPherson strut front suspension and a three-link rear one, disc brakes all around and a power steering. Revology though didn’t stop there; the ‘Original Mustang Replica’ features several creature comforts like remote keyless entry, power door locks, power seats, tilt steering column, intermittent wipers, digital message center, remote trunk release, and even Bluetooth “all carefully integrated into the interior to be minimally intrusive”. Customers can opt for a five-speed manual or a four-speed auto gearbox.

The body is also all-new, made by much better steel than the old ones and is produced by Dynacorn which in turn is licensed by Ford so you will have a genuine, authentic Mustang. Well, authentic is a strong word, let's just call it original. Revology’s Mustang comes with a one-year, unlimited mileage warranty, with the body covered against rust and corrosion for five years and the powertrain covered for three years.

Dan Maas, Revology’s technical director, and well established classics restorer said “Where it gets difficult is building cars in series production, with consistent quality, on time, and within budget. We take an OEM approach to the construction of the Revology Mustang replicas, and the results are evident.”

Cars like these don’t come cheap with prices starting at $119.500 but when you think that Singer 911s ask for three times more, the Revology Mustang replica sounds like a steal. Available both in Convertible and Fastback versions, the first customer cars are scheduled for delivery in 2016.

The want is strong with this one, really strong.


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