Maybach 57 S Coupe Reborn By Austrian Coachbuilder

Austrian coachbuilder "DC Dream Cars" has picked up from where German firm Xenatec left after becoming insolvent and now offers its own version of the Maybach 57 S Coupe.
In fact, in its advertising material, DC Dream Cars boasts that its cars are of higher quality and much better overall than the ones made by Xenatec, which had the blessing of Maybach parent company, Daimler, to build a coupe model out of the uber-luxurious sedan.
The Vienna-based company says it has the sole rights to the 630PS (621hp) 6.0-liter V12-powered Maybach 57 S Coupe, which it can modify to customers' personal requests with a delivery time of around three months.
n't wait for a custom order, DC Dream Cars has two examples over at Mobile, a brand-new white one with zero miles for €1 million or about $1.08 million, and a black 57 S Coupe with 1,000km priced at €590,000 or $641,000.

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