MG UK issues press release to advise the China spec MG SUV will be different to the UK version.

TMW THOUGHTS - The below press release from MG Motors in the United Kingdom, is a strange one, the majority of people that are "into" cars, know full well, that cars are made differently for different markets, this is mainly down to various laws, Legislations and regulations, and with China it is no different.
So, why is this release different, well, the UK market is a very fickle one, and MG in particular is a brand that polarised peoples views, some love the brand regardless of where the cars are made, after all, it is the brand that they are interested in, others however, feel it necessary to be so anti Chinese it borders on racism.
I frequent various other forums, AROnline and to name just two, and the vile that comes from peoples keyboards about the new Chinese brand is disgusting, and really, why these people are not banned from the forums is beyond me.

When, in 2005, MG-Rover was placed into administration and eventually closed for good, the UK lost its last mass market brand, but NAC and then SIAC took over, and the MG brand was risen from the ashes, we can forget the MG Tf LE500 models as these were just older style MGR products, what we see now, is a new company with new cars, the MG6 and MG3 are both new cars for our market, but its not acceptable for some.
We know that other models are coming, and a rough idea of when that maybe, which is why the release from MG Motors, the car that will be sold in China will be different, it will run different engines and gearboxes, and maybe some differing trim options, to what will appear in the UK from Q4 2016 (yes we have to wait that long), so why the release, well, some will deride MG UK, as they have for years, and this is a shot across the bow, to advise before they can have the chance to complain.
So, a great move my MG UK, yes definately, the trolls wont have anything to complain about as they have already been told that we will be getting, in essence, a vastly superior version, what we need to see from MG UK now, is more engine and gear  box choices in the MG3 and MG6 before the new SUV arrives in the UK.
Prior to the Shanghai Motor Show on Monday 20 April, MG Motor UK would like to confirm that the MG GS SUV will be launched in the UK in 2016. This marks the exciting debut into the medium SUV segment for MG and a further expansion of the iconic brand.
Those attending the Shanghai Motor Show will be able to view, for the first time, the MG GS SUV.
However, please note that the vehicle that will be on display is aimed at the Chinese market and will not be representative of the UK market version; which is currently under development and planned for launch in Q4 2016.
Variances may include engine size and type, as well as gear box and drive train. Final specification of the UK market vehicle is currently being determined and further details will be released in due course.
If you have any questions regarding this particular vehicle, or any others on display at the Motor Show, please contact the UK Press Office.

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