Official: 2016 Volvo XC90 Excellence

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The wraps have just been taken off the 2016 Volvo XC90 Excellence. As the name suggests, the XC90 Excellence is the most luxurious variant of the Swedish SUV available and includes a plethora of new high quality trimmings both inside and out to put it on a different level to lesser XC90 models.
Inside, the Volvo XC90 Excellence ditches the five-seat layout of the standard car and in its place are four luxurious seats with the two rear seats extensively upgraded over the rear seats available on other Volvo XC90 variants. The new rear seats are so different in fact that they incorporate a selection of massage settings as well as a number of ventilation features.
Elsewhere, rear seat passengers in the XC90 Excellence are provided with greater legroom with a new centre console including drinks holders and retractable bench tables. Additionally, a small refrigerator can be found in the rear and it is joined by handmade crystal glasses created by Orrefors. A number of wooden elements then adorn the cabin.
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Another key feature of the XC90 Excellence is the advanced 19 speaker sound system from Bowers & Wilkins. An ionic air cleaner has also been installed alongside the climate system with the air cleaner removing airborne particles by positively charging their respective electrons. The headliner of the Excellence is made from Nubuck textile while from the outside, chrome B and C pillars are found.

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