Takayanagi Miluira, retro concept 2011 pics - nostalgic electric cars

The electric car goes on sale in Japan next year. In the serious world of electric vehicles, this Japanese prototype brings a touch of fresh air. Called Takayanagi Miluira he plays the card back with old tunes from the early twentieth century.
Provided for a single person-the driver ... - displays only the Japanese 2.18 meters long. In comparison, a Smart Fortwo measure 2.70 meters. Autonomy is announced for 35 kilometers, while the top speed does not exceed 60 km / h.
The reserve Miluira we finally got a little surprise next fare. When it hits the market in 2011, Japan will be billed at 6.3 million yen-about 57,000 euros ... - The joke has lasted long enough.

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