Cars for off road travel

Off the road travel has long been synonymous with 4 wheel drive vehicles. These vehicles are able to travel through rough terrain with a smaller chance of getting stuck. When one envisions a four wheel drive vehicle, they often conjure images of trucks or sports utility vehicles. However, there are also many cars that are 4WD. These cars can be quite safe for off road travel.
The first 4WD car was created by Porsche at the turn of the 20th century. Other auto manufacturers later followed suit in several different countries. While initially, many of the first 4WD cars were designed for use by the military, they have slowly transformed over the years. Many 4WD cars look like their 2WD cousins.
Many 4WD cars have many advantages over the 2WD models. Of course, the most obvious benefit it in the wheels. Many 4WD cars are quite reliable and relatively inexpensive to maintain. Despite what the road conditions might be at the time, a 4WD car will not have slipping in the wheels. The traction of these cars is much better in both ice and mud. 4WD cars have much better control when in hazardous condition. When the terrain gets rough, 4WD cars continue to handle well. In some situations, a lift kit may be needed to be added to 4WD cards. If off road travelling occurs often, this can provide even better performance.
Four wheel drive cars can also easily tow other vehicles. They are also useful for towing items such as trailers and boats. Four wheel drive cars are designed with safety in mind. They feature anti-lock brake systems. Their suspension systems are designed to handle off road travel. The interior of the car also has various safety features. Exterior lights are added with safety in mind to these vehicles. When shopping for a used car, consider a 4WD car for off road travel. Visit to find a wide range of fantastic new and used cars including 4x4's, sports cars, family cars and city cars in either in your local area or search nationwide throughout the UK to buy your dream vehicle.

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