Kim Kardashian has changed for Ferrari Range Rover

"Socialite" Kim Kardashian made ​​her a gift and bought a Ferrari 458 with tuning to an additional 80 thousand dollars.

Kim decided to change his Range Rover on a brand new sports car, and tuned. Refinement "star» Ferrari specialists engaged in the studio with a great name Platinum Motorsports (Los Anldzheles). Some alloy wheels are about $ 15 000. On the street you will see such a machine is not often - in the States, for example, to date, sold 27 copies.

I want to believe that Kardashian would be able to "rein in" with the 570-strong "beast", which accelerates to 100 km / h in just 3.4 seconds and a top speed of 325 km / h.

Star is not confused by the fact that last year Ferrari had to recall all cars of this model to eliminate the marriage, which could result in a fire (the glue in the wheel arches). By that time, Europe has already burned several cars.

It is rumored that Kim posted for the car at least $ 300 000, although in the U.S. Stock modification costs "only" $ 274 000. In Ukraine, this model is almost the same number (270 367), but that's not dollars and euros.

In 2009, paparazzi photographed, as Kardashian goes on yet another Ferrari (F430).

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