Land Rover 2013 : A Evoque sports development

He is the SUV of the year 2011 and I think few would dispute the case, as it appears on the side of one British manufacturer is determined to push the evolution of the Range Rover Evoque including a sports version that could make his first appearance later in the year 2012.

Currently the high end of the Evoque in power is the 2.0 L L4 engine If the height of 240 hp, 340 Nm but according to the owner of the programs mentioned, David Mitchell, Land Rover could take better advantage of the 2.0 L L4 engine Ford was born and that we know about the Focus ST which is found in a supercharged version of well over 300 on the RS. As Land Rover, we want to go for the sporty versions of German compact SUV (X3, Q3, future Porsche Cajun) and always in the words of D. Mitchell, of the chassis and running gear Evoque are generously sized to withstand power of 300 hp.

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