Nissan Juke R : The video of the building and the new official pictures

Only 22 weeks. That was enough to unearth the kind of hybrid monster that is the Nissan Juke R. A sinister cross between a small, innocuous crossover trying to raise its voice with its daring forms, and one of the meanest supercar of the moment, the GT-R.

Created in collaboration with Ray Mallock Ltd., one of the most established names in the international motorsport (RML has managed the implementation of the Chevrolet Cruze WTCC world champions), the Juke R is built around the combination of the body of the compact SUV and the powerful 3.8 V6 twin turbo fitted to the supercar.

The Juke also mounts the transmission of the R GT-R supercar that as the position is arranged in the transaxle, rear axle. A project high in engineering madness, really nothing to say. The development of this pocket-sized atomic species can be followed on the Juke's official Facebook page.

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