Opel Astra cabriolet 2012 model except

Some time after the sedan Opel Astra (old generation), the coupe-cabriolet Astra Twin Top is gone. Now, the new Astra sedan made ​​its appearance on the market, the attractive cut GTC will in turn he was presented recently in Frankfurt. Then in 2012 comes a new version of the compact sedan discoverable. A model should clearly differentiate themselves from the old Astra Twin Top.

First, the car will make a cross on the idea of ​​a retractable hardtop. Fashion Is past, the car will be a "simple" convertible. The Astra Twin Top has yet been innovative: it was the first roadster to see the roof divided into three parts, thereby reducing the disproportionate appearance of the stern. Despite this, Opel will return to a more conventional system hood.

In addition, the new Astra convertible will not be an "Astra". If she will take good base for the compact sedan, its platform, its engines, it should be the VW Eos, have its own identity, name of its own. The design director Opel / Vauxhall, Mark Adams, has explained to Car Magazine: "This car should have a new name - it is nothing like an Astra."

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