Renault debuts in Brazil Duster

These days Renault begins marketing Duster manufactured in Brazil. This is a variant similar to the Dacia sold in Europe, adapted to regional tastes. Therefore it presents unique solutions that do not see in the old continent.

Among other things, the changes Brazilian Duster grille (now with the logo of Renault), integrated sound system debuts double-DIN, top of the dashboard with new air vents, controls for the electric windows and climate control, etc. Also new are the possibilities of customization, with a number of accessories that can change its appearance much as in the unity of the image.

On the supply side, Brazil has sold the following variants:

Hi-Flex 1.6 50,900 reais (€ 20,293)
Hi-Flex 1.6 Expression 53,200 reais (€ 21,210)
Hi-Flex 1.6 Dynamique 56,900 reais (€ 22,685)
Hi-Flex 2.0 Dynamique 60,600 reais (€ 24,161)
Hi-Flex 2.0 Dynamique Aut 64,600 reais (€ 25,754)
Hi-Flex 2.0 Dynamique 4WD 64,600 reais (€ 25,754)

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