Tattoos on rubber Pirelli

Not long ago we saw how it understands the art on the tires an American. Today we see the Pirelli to work with the tattoo artist Scott Campbell for a special project for the brand new branch of the Italian tire manufacturer in Milan, Italy. The Campbell took all his skill with needle and ink to sculpture tires. Using a chisel, the artist has drawn pictures of an eye, a heart and a skull in the tire tread Diablo Rosso II was placed in a special edition of Ducati Diavel on a show at the store on Corso Venezia. Also, the same patterns appear in a single jacket of Dianese with an image of St. Christopher, who seems to be the patron saint of motorcyclists.

The Campbell said that his first time working on rubber, and required the same time significant research before touching the gear on the sole. The final product is certainly not surprising and indicates that he was no novice.

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