2011 SEMA Show: Hyundai Genesis Coupe by CMA video

Instead of waiting for an official release by Hyundai, Rhys Millen, driver / engineer, asked his team CMA (Rhys Millen Racing) installing a high-performance V8 in the cradle of the Genesis Coupe. The transformation meant that the TAU V8 developed by the Korean one is done up in front of difficult to cut off. Amended by DPR, the 366 horsepower V8 from the Equus (Limousine Hyundai) now produces 450 horsepower without Rhys Millen does not reveal the secret contained in the 71 extra horses. A thin sheet specifies a GReddy stainless steel exhaust, a lighter clutch "home", an ECU (mapping) together with a signed AEM air intake K & N.
Tuning of high-level

However, the chassis is well revealed in this video presentation (below or on this link). CMA has strengthened all of the original structure to achieve a true product of the runway. HRE wheels are from (to 19 inches) when the brake is taken from Brembo either for the discs and calipers. The tires, is entrusted to Hankook Ventus V12 and while the suspension is still a mystery.
full carbon

Regarding equipment: CMA retains original dashboard with an extension of the steering column. Comfort, Spartan, comes down to two bucket Sparco Chrono Sport harness accompanied by CMA. The original hardware remains in place. Externally, the Genesis Coupe is unrecognizable. Fully taken up by the CMA workshops, 80% of the body is now carbon fiber coated with a matte black color.

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