2013 Ford Escape Live Photos L. A. Auto Show 2011 with interior 2013 Escape

Ford introduces its new generation of Escape, a model that will be sold in Europe and in China under the surname of Kuga. Let's also right now, it looks more like an SUV the restyled Kuga sold on the Continent as a real new model. Ford has already spread a lot of information about the new Escape, I will remember the content collage: a system to open the chest with his leg if you have their hands full, the MyFordTouch receives the latest developments that should avoid bugs encountered before, he received a parking aid and a blind spot detector.
Add to the Vurv Technology Control palette that will come out of a bad situation if you approach a curve a little fast (within the laws of physics), the Torque Vectoring Control (TVC) that allows you to speed cornering and a 4-wheel drive system that ensures maneuverability and road skills off of it from the blue oval. The latter can simultaneously analyze up to 25 situations (speed, acceleration, angle of the wheels, etc ...)
Three engines associated with BVA6 Selctshift are offered: a 2.5-liter and two 1.6-liter Ecoboost and 2 liters, the first two active components benefit from the grille to improve fuel economy. The powers and torques are estimated 168 and 227 nm, 173 nm and 240 horses, 237 horses and 339 nm. These three mechanisms are compatible with gasoline Regular (87 octane).
The Escape offers more space than the outgoing model and a larger trunk, 971 liters or 1928 liters rear seat folded. If that's not enough, you can tow up to 1591 kg. It measures 4.52 meters and its wheelbase is 2.69 meters.

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