Chevrolet Cobalt 2012 presents a low-cost sedan

Although the Cobalt name had disappeared from the Chevrolet range in a few weeks back again to certain markets, which will play a four-door sedan and affordability. The first country to receive it will be Brazil, but later come to the Middle East, Africa, Europe and even Asia.

Outwardly this sedan 4.47 meters in length slightly reminiscent of Agile in the front, with very sharp features and a grill that takes center stage. However, both the side view and the rear seem to have some inspiration in the Aveo Sedan, a model that will be located at a higher step on account despite being smaller in its proportions.

Nothing inside review you realize that it is a low cost product. Neither the materials or design make concessions to luxury or modern, is more practical than flashy, and only adds a differential instrumentation. The simplicity of the whole boot may allow adjusted prices and, in models of this court, the most modern equipment items are out of every need. Except for the stereo with MP3 and USB inputs and mini-jack, there are not many outstanding elements beyond what is expected. Thus according to the country may include air conditioning, power windows and mirrors, central locking, painted bumpers, alloy wheels, fog lights and rear seat match.

The engine range will block between 1.3 and 1.8 liter engine, while for Brazil the supply is reduced to 1.4 Flex with up to 102 hp and manual gearbox, 1.8i 8v and or six-speed automatic . The latter price will start at 39,980 reais, about € 16,517 at current rates.

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