Chevrolet is not Santa Claus Commercial video

The American manufacturer is already beginning to prepare for Christmas by offering a series of ads with the main character Nick, "Santa Claus".

An old man with a white beard, a man who finds himself dreaming as a little boy and a builder who made ​​efforts to relieve the wallet of its customers, it gives a guaranteed return children and resurrection of Santa Claus .
Indeed, in its new U.S. advertising campaign "Chevy Gives you more" (Chevrolet gives you more), the manufacturer will bring the old Santa Claus. Thus, to illustrate his arrival in the holiday season, the American manufacturer offers three different spots, with an angle of attack common face of good news and offers Chevrolet, everyone believes to be faced in Santa Claus. ..
Four episodes of Christmas

In each of the clips, there are adults so amazed by the Chevrolet commercial offers they do not have no trouble believing in Santa Claus again and return to their reflexes children sit on the lap of the sellers, touch his beard, or lying like a child caught with his hand in the bag after saying "Santa Claus" it was a great hunter of reindeer

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