Details of the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class 2013

Details about the futures of the S-Class Mercedes-Benz appeared in the network over the past few days. In an interview with Chief Designer Gordon Group Wagoner announced that it will be a completely new and revolutionary car. Already know and why.

Limousine must be available in 2012 to assert its role as a leader in its class. Mostly because of its high degree of safety, high-tech chassis and advanced technologies. Future Mercedes S-Class will be equipped with 5 entirely new safety systems, including the brake Bag. It is mounted under the front axle and emergency brake assist, if necessary one. Moreover, the machine has a completely new computer system that controls the rear axle, new engines, and 9-speed automatic transmission.

Platform is a modular steel. It is the foundation of the new M-Class and E and will be installed and the next C-class. Some of the items inside, such as doors are aluminum, in order to keep the weight of the limousine. The car will be sold in 5 variants - 4-door saloon, which will be in 2 different designs. In one of them wheelbase will be greater. The same goes for the 2-door coupe, which should replace the current CL. There will also release a convertible soft top.

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