The Fiat 500 on stage at the American Music Awards - Jennifer Lopez and Fiat 500 Video

Jennifer Lopez has offered the public a medley of his hits short of the American Music Awards, an opportunity to see the Fiat 500 on stage.

The Fiat 500 and the American singer and actress Jennifer Lopez is definitely inseparable. Having recently appeared in ads for American C3% A9-J.Lo-Gucci-500C-Fiat | Fiat 500 by Gucci] and Fiat 500C, Or after the appearance of the small city in sound clip "Papi"Is now on stage that we find the two acolytes.
On the occasion of the 39th American Music Awards on Sunday, November 20, the star latina offered the public a spectacle worthy of the showman, where we not only could see the side of the dance city, but also to drive in the open show.

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