Five Chevrolet Sonic Concepts in Sema 2011

Chevrolet showed improved 5 Sonic in Las Vegas. The first is the Sonic All-Activity Vehicle, the creation of Ricky Carmichael, driver of the NASCAR winner and the X-Games. Modified aerodynamic bodykit with 18 "wheels, sports suspension and big brakes. Here is the Sonic Super 4, a racing version of Sonic, with carbon bodykit, roll cage and fire system. Three model Sonic Z-Spec concept that has new grille, graphics, new sports steering wheel, aluminum sport pedals and gear shift.

The Sonic Dusk concept is painted in blue and has dark-colored lights and 18 "wheels. Internally fitted leather seats of Mojave, chrome decorations and new sound system. Finally, the Sonic Boom concept features custom paint and a Kicker audio system yield 4.000 Watt.

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