LA 2011 Honda Fit EV Live Photos - 200 km. a single charge

Honda showed the production version of the mini electrical Fit EV. Premiered at the Auto Show in Los Angeles, where all details have been revealed for the model.

It will build on the U.S. market this summer, will be offered for the amount of $ 36.625. Will have the option to renting, against $ 399 per month.

The Japanese company plans to produce about 1.100 units of fully electric model in the next three years, but interest in the Honda Fit EV, the number will be increased.

Honda Fit EV is powered by an electric motor with 125 hp, which draws its power from lithium-ion batteries (20 kWh). Elektomobilat allows three modes of governance - Econ, Normal and Sport, to optimize engine performance, depending on whether the driver wants to move or economic benefit from the maximum dynamic of the system. From Honda said that under "Econ", mileage can be increased by about 17% compared to "Normal", and in selected mode "Sport", the acceleration is improved "significantly".

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