Lamborghini revive the project for a SUV

Lamborghini is a manufacturer and tractors, but became famous as the designer of supercars. In 80 years, the company launched and SUV - LM002Which, however, and could not have.

Now the Italians again turn to this type of machine, but it will be more crossover, not SUV.

The head of Automobili Lamborghini SpA - Stephan Winkelmann, has repeatedly announced the company's idea to present to market a line of "cars every day," and the crossover will be one of them.

The Internet has already expired computer image, which may suggest how future SUV will look like a Lamborghini. If you believe they will have to wait long to see the machine on the market. Moreover, competitors have already shown Maserati Kubang, and every moment is expected to hit a crossover and Bentley.

The engine, which will feature the new Lamborghini, will be V8 or V10. He will work with an electric motor, which will seriously reduce fuel consumption and emissions emitted.

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