Marchi Mobile presented a luxury camper eleMMent

Usually the owners of super yachts are in love with their floating houses, but always yearn for something more modern, expensive and comfortable, which astonished to favorites competitors or just scratch your ego.

Innovative and comfortable yacht, but on the road! Is this possible? It turns out that the answer is "Yes."

Marchi Mobile presented a luxury camper eleMMent, which with its attractive design, created by Colani will attract attention not only to pedestrians, but also that of their owners. "House on Wheels" is 12 meters long and weighs 12 tonnes. It will be available in three versions: as a mobile showroom, VIP-shuttle or camping version, called Palazzo. The last option is the most expensive. Is still a mystery how you feel "captain" of the vehicle, which will rely on the engine with 510 hp, coupled with automatic transmission, with intermediate gears.

First thought, stroking to the vehicle in the area between the mirrors may be that this is just a draft Luigi Belts that would used for promotional purposes. Typical of the front is that the dominant element of the cars. For example bumper, headlights and fenders. Strange seems separated by a circular glassed balcony cab. These details promise better aerodynamics than that of conventional vehicles in the class.

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