Nintendo and West Coast Customs car show the real Mario Kart Los Angeles 2011

When Nintendo announced a few days to hold a special event at the Motor Show in Los Angeles, we were a little disrupted. After all, neither the Wii or 3DS consoles are the favorite of fans of the engine, but Reggie did not want to submit a new game, but ... Two real cars! Accompanied by the people of West Coast Customs (yes, Pimp My Ride), the president of Nintendo of America in Los Angeles discovered two of the vehicles available in Mario Kart 7, recreated in 1:1 scale, fully functional.

Neither Nintendo nor WCC wanted to give many details, since their construction process will be documented later in an episode of the TV has the Californian workshop Velocity Network chain, but at first glance is that the two karts have traction , front wheels with 18" in the Standard of Mario ( and 16" in the Bumble V of Luigi, who also has a pair of propellers zero use outside of the magical lakes of the Mushroom Kingdom.

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