Per-Gunnar Andersson - The son of a rally driver born in the middle of a freeway

Although he has spent his life behind the wheel, the Swedish rally driver Per-Gunnar Andersson did not help his extensive experience with the car when his son decided to come to the world.

The pilot of 31 years was forced to stop at the curb of a road when he and his wife Marie-Louise realized that it would give them time to get to the hospital.

And although they called an ambulance, the child, named Alvin, was born in his BMW on a highway near Karlstad in western Sweden.

"I was pretty quiet but when the baby was born we realized that nesitábamos help," said Andersson.

By then, the ambulance had just reached the sidewalk where they had stopped the car and Alvin was born "in good condition and healthy."

Now that the shock has passed, the pilot, who was Junior World Champion Rally in 2004 and 2007, joked that the place where his son was born shows that professional probably follow suit.

"It seems to carry in their genes," said the athlete to the local press.

And at least this time the newborn has proven to be very fast.

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