Pirelli Calendar 2012 is not true to the traditions

Calendar Pirelli tire manufacturers became awaited event, not just car fans. One reason is that it contains photography, often half-naked beauties. Tires or vehicles are not always present in the pages of the Pirelli Calendar, but beautiful women are required.

Edition 2012 will not betray the traditions and show hot photos of some of the most beautiful women on the planet. The pages of the Pirelli Calendar 2012 will adorn Kate Moss, Lara Stone, Mila Jovovich, Rinko Kikuchi, Isabelle Fontana and others.

Photographs themselves are the work of the American of Italian origin Mario Sorrenti, who has chosen to stage the works to the exotic nature of Corsica.

The calendar will be shown officially on December 6 in New York. But now you can see some of the photos that will adorn the pages of Pirelli Calendar 2012.

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