Suzuki Q-concept Tokyo Motor Show 2011

We love the Japanese. There really is not a single manufacturer, East or West, not out on tangents from time to time, but the land of Godzilla, and Takeshi's Castle Bioman is certainly rich soil for the most bizarre concepts, yet endearing  the world. One of those chosen to debut later this month at the Tokyo Motor Show is the Suzuki Q-concept, which seeks to bridge the gap between cars and scooters with its own idea of what would be an electric two-seater small size, very Twizy Renault style, but with a distinctly Japanese aesthetic.

Some of the most significant details of the Pokeball with wheels wheels are fully ducted, the use of doors with sliding segments and scissors to access the interior and driver swivel seat. The rear seat has been designed for children and Pikachus supposedly. Nothing is said about the engine used, so I settle for knowing that could travel up to 10 km in the city thanks to its battery, which we have no details.

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