Volkswagen T2 Camper back to Europe from € 32.425

The legendary vans of Volkswagen, the Volkswagen T2 Camper starts after year commercial course. First country in the Netherlands where the vans of 1960 has been upgraded and now has a sofa, table, a kitchenette, a fridge, sink and gas burner. On the Highline version even has leather seats and floor linoleum.

The T2 is manufactured in Brazil and mechanical time a four-cylinder engine performance 1.400ari 80 horses. Combined with a 4-speed manual transmission with the 0-100 km / h to do in 16 seconds with top speed of 135 km / hour. The price starts from 32,425 euros and go up to € 55.995. Definitely a lot of money but you pay the name of the car of the 60s.

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